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Green Bay West High School
Class of 1981

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Reunion Committee

While our reunion committee has changed a bit over the years, the current group is listed below. Please know that there are a number of other folks who put in a lot of work to arrange our events in the past. We're grateful for them and for everyone who works to arrange for us to spend time together.

Things change over time. And if you've attended our reunions, you'll know that they are no exception. Our first reunion many years ago was a nice dinner. Many of us dressed up. Neckties, fancy dresses, etc. We even exchanged business cards; it was nice to see what each other has been up to, where we landed, etc. We had a few other dinners like that as well.

But our last couple of reunions have been much simpler. No more formal dinners. No one dresses up any more. And now we often pull out our phones to show pictures of the grandkids. These simpler events are not only easier to organize, they make it more available and easier to attend. Just show up, grab a drink (or not), and catch up with some old friends.

A good way to get info about reunions, etc. is to visit our Facebook group.

Here is our current committee in case you'd like to reach us directly.

About This Website

I'm Scott Crevier and I originally created this website for our 25 year reunion (2006). I've changed it quite a bit over the years. Recent efforts have included making sure it works well on mobile devices. My main goal is to not only make info about our reunions available, but to make sure it stays available. So, for example, if you're wondering what those photos looked like from our 20 year reunion, just click around and take a look.

That said, allow me to state something that should be obvious. I can't do this alone. I've taken many pictures myself and included them in our photo album. But I really want to see your pictures. And, let's just admit, that digital photos haven't always been around. So, if you have some photos, not just from our reunions but maybe from our high school days, please scan them and email them to me.

While I do spend a small chunk of time on this site, it's a hobby of mine and I really enjoy it. That internet class we had during third hour our senior year was very helpful to me.

If you've got any ideas or suggestions or just have a question, please let me know.


Alma Mater

On the west side of the river
flowing to the north,
Stands a school to which we're loyal
As our lives go forth.

Like that river ever upward
May our spirits climb
Truth and freedom, love and kindness
Leading every time.

West High, West High, now and ever
Highest royalty!
Purple, white; our alma mater
Honor be to thee!