This is the home for a group of teenagers who shared some great times together back in the late 70s and into 1981. As the 80s progressed, most of us went our separate ways, went off to college, moved across the country, grew up, got jobs and established our adult lives. Some of us married each other. And perhaps a few of us still haven’t grown up.

No matter where we are or how we find ourselves, we are all still the 344 classmates of the class of 1981 at Green Bay West High School.

♬ Older times we’re missing ♪ spending the hours reminiscing ♫

Keep In Touch

We don’t send out mailers or post cards any more. We just can’t, and as the years pass, it gets harder and harder to keep track of classmates. There are some for whom we have no info, and for many of us, we’re just moving around the country (or world) and it’s not easy to always know where everyone is. Plus, we don’t have any budget for postage, etc. So, we now only use this web site and the Green Bay West High Class of 1981 Facebook group to keep in touch. It worked well for many in 2011 and for even more in 2016, but of course not everyone uses the internet. We realize that, but unfortunately, it’s not 1981 any more. We’ve got to move forward.

So, you know when our reunions will be (every 5 years). PLEASE keep an eye on this web site. And if you’re a Facebook user, join the group, where we even keep in touch between reunions. We want you to participate.

Most importantly, if you know a classmate who might have this info, PLEASE share it with them. Give them a call. Print this page and mail it to them. Do whatever you can to help us include as many classmates as possible.

Alma Mater

On the west side of the river
flowing to the north,
Stands a school to which we’re loyal
As our lives go forth.

Like that river ever upward
May our spirits climb
Truth and freedom, love and kindness
Leading every time.

West High, West High, now and ever
Highest royalty!
Purple, white; our alma mater
Honor be to thee!